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1 day in/starting at Cairo

* Pyramids

In the morning you start, going to Saqqara, visiting the Step Pyramid of Djoser, and to Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt. On your way to the famous Giza Pyramids you will stop at a typical Egyptian restaurant to have some original food like Koshari, Falafel, chicken or liver. At the Giza Plateau, you will have the chance for a camel-, horse- or carriage ride around the Pyramids and the Sphinx. Than you go back to your hotel to relax a bit before having a Dinner Cruise on the Nile with an Oriental Show.

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* City Tour I

After breakfast you will leave for the Saladin Citadel of Cairo, to discover this beautiful Place up on the Muqqatan hill with its Muhammad Ali Mosque, the numerous museums and ancient mosques, the al-Gawhara Palace and the amazing view of Cairo. Than you will have a trip through the Islamic Cairo, seeing lots of famous mosques, and go to the Coptic Cairo, having a walk through the smal streets. Just tell your driver to stop, whenever you want a break for photos or some food. For ending the day, you will go to Cairos most famous park, the al-Azhar Park, to see the sunset.

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* Egyptian Museum

You start your day going to the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. "Visiting" King Tutankhamen and seeing the worlds largest collection of Pharaonic antiquities will take you some time. Than, on your way to the Cairo Tower, you will get an impression of Cairo Down Town, Tahrir Square, Talaat Harb Street, the "busy & noisy" Cairo. From the Cairo Tower you will have a great view later, Cairo at day time and after sunset at night time.

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* City Tour II

The day will start with Dr. Ragab's Pharaonic Village, an outdoor museum showing life in the ancient Egypt, ending with a cruise on the Nile. Your day will end at Cairos major souk, the Khan el-Khalili. Enjoy your time discovering all the shops, visiting the al-Hussein Mosque and don't miss to have a tea or coffee and a waterpipe at the famous Fishawi's Coffeehouse.

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* Ismailia

Early in the morning you will leave Cairo to go to Ismailia, a City about 120 km from Cairo, situated at the Suez Canal. By reaching Ismailia, you will get an impression of the differences between this small and silent city and the big and noisy Cairo. After a short round trip, you are going to take the ferry from the african to the asian part of Egypt, crossing the Suez Canal. After coming back to "Africa" you will have time for shopping or just relaxing in a coffee shop or ask for more places to visit like the museum of Ismailia. You will be back at Cairo in the evening.

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2 and 3 day trips, starting at Cairo

* Alexandria

Very early in the morning, seeing the sunrise on your way, you will leave for Alexandria. Your tour will start, visiting the Qaitbay Citadel. Enjoying the beautiful Cornish you will reach the famous Alexandria Library, the second place to have a stop. In the afternoon you will have some time off for shopping, enjoying the Mediterranean Sea or the oriantal flair in the streets of Alexandria. Than you will visit the Montazah Park with King Farouk's Palace.The overnight stay will be in a ***hotel. The second day will start with the Lighthouse, followed by the Roman Theater, the Obelisk (called Cleopatra's Needle) and the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa. You will be back at Cairo in the evening.

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